"Ring" In the New Year

Around the world, New Years' Eve celebrations are an annual hallmark. Organically joining into the conversation—and referencing the popular Prince song turned quote—helped to elevate this story feature on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

Saturn and its rings. The warm brown-and-creme hues of Saturn’s atmosphere present a gradient of color against the blackness of space.


What's Up: Skygazing Guide

NASA's monthly cadence for skywatching highlights can create a rut of formulaic posts for any copywriter. This post breaks the mold by utilizing pop culture to connect audiences with an otherwise routine monthly update.


NASA x Peanuts

NASA collaborated with Peanuts to promote STEM engagement by flying Snoopy around the Moon with the Artemis I mission. High-profile activations, like this tweet, helped to promote the Artemis I mission worldwide while organically joining online discourse about the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.

A large inflatable Snoopy float drifts down the streets of New York City in a parade.

Reels & Tiktoks

Trendy Videos

Today more users consume short-form video content like Instagram Reels and TikTok than traditional social media posts. Content that is on-trend is more genuine and allows NASA to reach a larger—and younger—audience.


The Launch of Artemis I

Humanity's return to the Moon began with the launch of Artemis I. The live moderated YouTube broadcast drew over 1,000,000 concurrent viewers and has since gained over 10,000,000 views worldwide.

A mockup of a phone and Reddit post reading "We're NASA Experts Working on a Future of Self-flying Vehicles: AMA. The background is orange.


We’re NASA Experts Working on a Future of Self-flying Vehicles: AMA

This Ask Me Anything campaign—designed to bring awareness to one of NASA's lesser-known futuristic aeronautics missions—connected subject matter experts with the users of r/futurology, one of the largest technology subreddits on the platform.


Copy Writing

X-59 Resembles Actual Aircraft

From blogs to press releases—a well-practiced copywriter has authored it all. This news release, which was published in 2020, highlights the significant progress made in the development of the X-59 QueSST throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

A mock-up of a computer monitor with a long-form NASA article with a title reading "X-59 Resembles Actual Aircraft".
A brochure mockup with "Supersonic Summit" as the title and "envisioning the future of supersonic aviation" as the subtitle.

Event Planning

A Supersonic Summit

This large-scale three-day summit would have brought together leading industry, academic, and government experts in supersonic transportation. The event went on to be canceled, but not before all arrangements were made to accommodate 100+ attendees at NASA's Langley Research Center.

Digital Design

The Auburn Chase

The Beta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho's annual publication. This visually-stunning interactive newsletter was recognized with the Donald C. Wolfe Award for Outstanding Chapter Newsletter.

A magazine mockup with a large title reading "The Auburn Chase". The cover features two young men smiling at a campsite while on piggy back.

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